Holiday & Detox

The holiday + detox program is designed to support your physical and mental health by Dr. It is a personalized program applied between 1-4 weeks, which is prepared by Mehmet Vedat Özek after consultation with his expert experience, and is applied 6 days a week.


  • 1) Detox Box (IV)

    Various vitamins, supplements such as gluthation and l-carnitine administered intravenously 3 days a week, to support cellular health, to strengthen the immune system, to minimize liver fat, etc. It is the support therapy provided for.

    Detox box content is prepared individually after the evaluation of our doctor.

  • 2) Ozone Therapy (IV)

    Ozone treatment is applied 3 times a week with the help of a completely sterile and disposable set within the weekly program of the detox box for support purposes, activates the immune system, regulates the body's metabolic function and increases the oxygen density in the peripheral tissue.

  • 3) Physical Activation (yoga, plates, personal sports activity) Activities

    performed with professional instrumentation 3 days a week in order to increase the blood circulation of the body, to increase the level of endorphins and serotonin, thus providing physical and mental relaxation. 

  • 4) Personal Detox Menu

    Professional dietitian supported diet buffet prepared for a balanced and light diet. 

  • 5) Meditation

    is practiced 3 days a week with a professional instrument to provide mental rehabilitation.