Holistic Life Coaching

Body, mind and soul are an inseparable unit of the human being ... All of our experiences, thoughts and feelings influence and control our behavior. Beliefs and recurring thought and behavior patterns are stuck deep in our subconscious and block the natural flow of life. In addition, there are everyday requirements that we have to meet. 95% of all illnesses are caused by stress.

Holistic coaching and energy work can help bring body, mind and soul back into harmony and support the development of consciousness.


Applied techniques Awareness / self-knowledge

A fundamental prerequisite for loving ourselves and developing our personality is self-knowledge. With the help of coaching, (old) behavior patterns and beliefs are analyzed with regard to everyday challenges and conflicts and blockages are identified. In a profound inner process, destructive thought and behavior patterns are transformed and holistic healing is sought.


Healing Energy Reiki / Bioenergy / Thetahealing

In addition to the physical body, humans have an energetic body. These two bodies form an inseparable unit. In chakra teaching there are seven main energy centers (chakras), which are responsible for the flow of energy. They influence metabolic processes and affect the organs, organ systems, hormonal systems and the entire body. An imbalance in specific chakras leads to blockages in the flow of energy and thus to physical and mental complaints.

Through energy work, the flow of energy is maintained and brought into balance in order to achieve holistic healing. With the help of different healing techniques, transformation processes are set in motion that lead to cells and cell memories being re-encoded. Nevertheless, this contributes to the regeneration and strengthening of the immune system. A spiritual healing enables the way to the development of one's own personality and thus to the higher self-confidence. ( self-awareness)


Breathing techniques Breathing means life

Breathing is our source of energy and the key to self-healing. Conscious breathing means that our body cells and organs are nourished with oxygen. At the same time, 70% of the detoxification processes take place through breathing. Destructive ways of thinking and behaving as well as stress cause short breathing, which creates energy blockages in the body. Correct breathing releases energetic blockages so that our body cells and organs can be better supplied with energy. With the help of breathing techniques, vitality and well-being are promoted. How does correct breathing affect the body, mind and spirit?


 Correct breathing

- strengthens our awareness

- accelerates blood circulation

- facilitates digestion

- increases our breathing capacity

- eliminates sleep disorders

- helps to cope with stress more easily

- leads to a decrease in blood pressure and thus to an improvement in the Heart rhythm

 - provides more oxygen for the organs and cells

 - contributes to more performance and vitality

 - strengthens the ability to concentrate



Our mind always seems to be ahead of us because we often live in the past or future and forget the present here and now. To realize this, we need to be mindful and focus on the present moment. Meditation means turning the energy and attention inward.

With the help of mindfulness exercises, we can counteract spirals of thought, release blockages in the nervous system and achieve a state of consciousness that is free from thoughts, worries and stress.


Why we should meditate:

- to clear an bring the chakras into balance

- to  improved feeling of stress

- to promote intellectual performance and creativity

- to reduce tiredness and improve the quality of sleep

- to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

- to strengthen the heart, circulatory and immune systems

- to reduce anxiety and stress - to increase positive emotions

- to strengthen compassion for others and social solidarity

- to shıft Brain activities to positive areas

 -to ascent to the higher level of consciousness



EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a therapeutic concept for the relief and treatment of stress, fears, phobias, trauma, depression, other psychological problems and related physical complaints.

Different meridian points are stimulated by tapping acupressure and the flow of energy is stimulated.

As a result, disturbances and blockages in the energy channels are balanced and the body is returned to its harmonious vibrations.