PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

PRP method is a medical method. It should only be done by specialist and experienced physicians.

The blood of the patient is drawn into the required amount and centrifuged.
At the end of this process blood plasma with rich platelet concentration of up to 1.5 million /ml  is obtained. This is called PRP.
Platelets are pullets circulating in the bloodstream, that make it possible to clot blood.

They repair and rejuvenate the damaged tissue by help of containing hormones and


PRP application to the desired region will reversing the effects of damage and aging in the tissues within a period of 4-6 weeks.

Is PRP a kind of stem cell therapy?

PRP is definitely not a stem cell therapy. But it works indirectly on stem cells.

Growth factors in platelets are a stimulus that transmit the fibroblast-producing message of cells to be treated and rejuvenated.

Fibroblasts are also key to producing collagen and elastin.


When and where Prp can be used ?

  • - To prevent hair loss and revitalize weak hair follicles.
  • - In Revitalization and rejuvenation of all facial and décolleté regions
  • - In Muscle, joint and tendon injuries and inflammation (exacerbation)
  • - In Joint Arthrosis, meniscus and ligament injuries to accelerate the healing process
  • - In erectile dysfunction due weakening of the local blood circulation
  • - In all kinds of sporty injuries that do not require operation